Substance use has become a national health crisis and its financial impact costs our nation an estimated $428 billion annually. More than 47,000 Americans lose their lives to this disease every year – on average, more than the number who die in car crashes. With your help, TYR is committed to creating a cultural shift in how we address substance use, addiction, and recovery for youth, and the elimination of the stigma it brings to those with substance use disorders.


In late 2011, Stacie Mathewson provided seed funding to the Nevada Recovery and Prevention community at the University of Nevada, Reno. This simple act of generosity sparked a national study into the status of substance use and recovery among college students in the United States. In 2012, the Stacie Mathewson Foundation was founded, with the unique mission to create collegiate recovery programs on campuses throughout the country. In February 2013, following a lengthy battle with addiction and recovery, Stacie’s son, Josh, died of an overdose. The Stacie Mathewson Foundation transitioned to Transforming Youth Recovery and expanded its mission to improve access to prevention, intervention and recovery services for young people throughout the continuum of a child’s educational life, from preK through college. Today, Transforming Youth Recovery is recognized as a national leader in the youth recovery movement.


  • In just 5 years, TYR tripled the number of student recovery programs in colleges and universities around the United States. Now 2.4 million students have access to recovery support on campus.
  • From 2013-2016, TYR stabilized and reinvigorated the Association of Recovery Schools, the nationally recognized resource for recovery high schools in the United States. There are now 39 certified high schools nationwide with more in development.
  • TYR created CapacitypeTM, a comprehensive, national resource hub for the entire spectrum of substance use resources – from prevention to intervention, from services to recovery supports. CapacitypeTM is a trusted source for information and help.
  • TYR commissioned and published 8 research studies in best practices for student recovery.
  • TYR is pioneering a new substance use prevention program for grades K-12.

Board of Directors

  • Stacie Mathewson, Chair
  • Cricket Dundas, Secretary
  • Fred Altmann
  • Judi Kosterman
  • Honorable Janet Berry
  • Julie Murray