Board of Directors

The integrity of Transforming Youth Recovery and its mission is paramount. Our Board of Director members are honorable, steadfast fiduciaries who help steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies. The Board’s fiduciary responsibilities also help secure sustainable resources to further our mission.

Our Promise for continued growth and development of effective board leadership and governance will ensure that Transforming Youth Recovery will continue to carry out its mission—one community, one school, one student at a time.

  • Stacie Mathewson, President / Board Chairwoman, CEO/President, Transforming Youth Recovery
  • Cricket Dundas, Board Secretary, Vice President, SBJ Enterprises
  • Honorable Janet Berry, District Court Judge, Washoe County
  • Dr. Judi Kosterman, President, JKosterman Associates, LLC
  • Julie Murray, CEO/President, Moonridge Group Philanthropy Catalysts
  • Fred Altmann, President, dfaltmann