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Capacitype™ data and mapping services provide access to resource and referral information in the addiction field. Application and mapping tools are made available through partners to help people better find care and support in their communities.


Addiction is a devastating illness. Part of this multifaceted problem is the profound misunderstanding and stigma surrounding addiction, which creates shame and reluctance to seek help. But another part of the problem is the difficulty in finding trusted information.

The Capacitype Data and Mapping Platform was developed to collect and organize data from all corners of the field. This includes resources specific to prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery support efforts in communities across the country. Until now, this information has been highly fragmented, difficult to verify, and overwhelming to process – especially when trying to make immediate care and support choices.

In early 2017, the Addiction Resource Hub was launched using Capacitype data services. A broad national initiative behind the application is being led by Facing Addiction, in conjunction with TYR – both non-profit organizations dedicated to ending the addiction crisis in our country.

Beyond the data we can collect and organize, mapping tools made available through partners allow those on recovery pathways to share with others what they are finding helpful and useful in their everyday life. This reflects the first ever combination of evidence-based resources with real-world, practical experience.

We intend for Capacitype to be the leading provider of quality resource and referral information in the addiction field. Our purpose is to design and assemble services that ensure such information is accessible and relevant to those in need of care and support.

Everything we do is aimed at helping people find points of entry to a lifetime of wellness and recovery from addiction.

We invite groups and organizations to contribute resource information for better access across the nation.

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The 2016 State of Recovery High Schools report authored for the Association of Recovery Schools (ARS) contributes to the standards being adopted for educating and supporting students in recovery.

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