Collegiate Recovery Program Fundraising Toolkit

The beauty of starting a Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) is that it influences a vision for the future of your campus. As you begin to build a community of student support on campus and see the powerful impact it is having on student well-being and success, the desire to ensure that this effort remains a lasting part of the university will inevitably set in.

During this time focus may shift from the initial concerns of gathering a group of students to ensuring the current program exists as a longstanding student service. As your CRP cycles out of its early notion and establishment stages and into maturity and sustainability one of the issues that is likely to come up is that of finances. Concern may start to arise over how to successfully execute events for a growing number of students, how to better support staff, or more generally how to keep programming and services afloat in an academic environment wrought with strict budgets.

The purpose of this publication is to provide the basic tools and knowledge necessary to transform your early stage collegiate recovery efforts into a program with the financial resources needed to stand the test of time.