Recovering students overcome addiction amid college drinking culture

Senior Morgan Vickers spent the night of the 2017 national championship like most other UNC students: She watched the game, rushed Franklin Street and took pictures with her friends. But unlike the intoxicated crowd around her, Vickers went home once Franklin Street began to clear, choosing to walk away from the party scene developing after the victory.

Vickers has been sober for two years. She developed an alcohol addiction when she came to college and started recovery during her sophomore year.

Vickers said she didn’t think her alcohol habits were a problem for a long time, because many college students around her were also displaying unhealthy drinking behavior.

“One of the most difficult parts about coming to terms with being a person with an addiction was that everyone around me was drinking, and a lot of people around me were blacking out or were falling at parties or were doing things that seemed sort of normal substance abuse behaviors,” Vickers said.

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