University of Iowa CRP Supports Students Struggling with Substance Use

It wasn’t until drug and alcohol abuse got in the way of her academic pursuits that Kaylee Zimlich knew she had a problem on her hands larger than participating in the college party culture.

By the end of her junior year, she knew that to remove herself from that culture, she had to leave the University of Iowa. And in April 2016, that’s what she chose to do.

“My [substance] use and mental health was to a point where I was physically dependent on drugs,” she said. “I couldn’t go to class or anything without drugs or alcohol, and it was affecting my schoolwork and mental health substantially.”

At that point, Zimlich began letting her parents in on her struggles with depression and substance abuse, and she was soon on her way to getting the help she needed. After an initial hospital visit, she took time to restart her life in Colorado by checking into a residential rehabilitation center and eventually enrolling at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

With the help of the school’s Collegiate Recovery Center, Zimlich said, she got her life back on track. But after learning her credits from the UI wouldn’t transfer to Colorado, she decided to give the UI another shot in August 2017.

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