University of Tennessee program seeks to support student recovery

UT’s Rocky Top Recovery Group (RTRG) creates a safe place for the UT community.

Through social support and positive alternatives to drinking and substance abuse, the group creates a space where students can remove themselves from hard environments in order to recover. Peer support is necessary to RTRG for students in recovery or considering it.

Wellness coordinator for alcohol and other drugs Rebecca Juarez said peer support is necessary for the group to thrive as students.

RTRG assists students in finding support in students struggling with similar issues to theirs. Shaun McComas, graduate student in social work and RTRG president, said the goal of the group is to provide a safety net for recovery.

“We hope that participation in RTRG offers students understanding and security about their status as a college student in recovery from substance use disorder,” McComas said. “We hope that RTRG helps individuals achieve academic success while maintaining recovery.”

The group hosts movie screenings, panel discussions, monthly dinners and outdoor events. RTRG also hosts an annual recovery tailgate in November.

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