Penn State’s Campus Recovery Community

When I was in college my best friend tried to get me to start running with him. And I did go for a few excruciating runs with Gus at the IM building and around the town of State College, in the snow and ice. At the time, I was completely out of shape, drank nearly every day, and smoked about a pack to a pack and a half of Camel Lights a day. I had no business running.

I remember on one of our first runs Gus handed me a Joe Camel hat telling me to put it on. He was donning a Miller Lite cap. Skeptical, I asked him, “Isn’t this kind of, you know, counter productive?”

“It represents the duality of man, Dame.”

This came from the same man who once tried to prove the existence of God in a philosophy paper by virtue of the existence of a banana. That didn’t end well for him, at least in terms of his Phil 101 grade. Perhaps, I should have been more skeptical. And yet, Gus was on to something.

Life is full of dichotomies. Everywhere you look you can find forces that are diametrically opposed to one and other. Republicans vs. Democrats. Conservatives vs. Liberals. The Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees. Good vs. Evil.

Sobriety vs. Drunkenness.

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