Doors to Recovery, Community Asset Mapping Report (2015)

Asset mapping is a dynamic discipline for creating an inventory of the people, places and groups within a community that can combine to inform and shape capacity-building efforts. The discipline of asset mapping has roots in the practice of community design where local talents and gifts are mobilized to promote a healthy and thriving community of people.

This report is meant to be a catalyst for connecting people to resources and informing a network of coordinated care and support in and around Reno, Nevada. The ongoing work of Transforming Youth Recovery (TYR) in this geographic area will be to strive for a better understanding of how individuals and families are trying to access or are moving in and out of services and programs; this will ensure advocacy efforts can target the right capacity-building efforts to address any gaps or barriers in pathways to recovery. At this starting point, TYR aims to enhance existing network connections and activities to purposefully contribute to what is working and make visible the paths people are seeking to find.

The final step in this asset mapping activity provides an initial composite of the assets that are contributing to prevention, treatment and recovery efforts in and around Reno. Publication within the Capacitype application enables immediate access to the data and offers initial visual modeling meant to illustrate “pathways to recovery” – those entry points for access, referral and support within the community.

Following this activity, work will be applied over time to support the rapid updating of asset records in a way that will generate informational profiles that can be used to assist those referring or needing care and support. As data is further expanded through survey campaigns and organizational outreach, TYR will strive to equip the community with the knowledge and connections necessary to mobilize professionals and volunteers who are working to help community members be well.

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