Market Study for Recovery High Schools: Recovery School Favorability Report, Association of Recovery Schools (2013)

The 2013 Market Study for Recovery High Schools supported by The Stacie Mathewson Foundation presents the landscape of recovery schools (recovery high schools) in the U.S. and offers an analysis of the conditions that will promote or hinder the future expansion of this type of school-based recovery support.

The intention is to help existing schools operate at their best while aiding in the expansion of a collaborative network of recovery schools across the U.S. This work was done to benefit the Association of Recovery Schools (ARS), which has been identified by The Stacie Mathewson Foundation as the national leader in advocacy for the initiation and sustainability of recovery high schools.

To undertake the study, initial work was done to describe the political, social and economic trends that are expected to impact school-based recovery support services within the next five years. This is reflected in the first part of the study.

The second part of the study offers definitions for school-based recovery support services known to currently exist in the U.S.

The third and fourth parts of the study use this definitional understanding to uncover the present landscape of recovery schools in the U.S. and discuss the laws, policies and practices that may have contributed to their start and success. This was initiated through a comprehensive call study, an exploration of recovery schools that have closed for historical perspective, a series of interviews with subject-matter experts and a thorough literature review.

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