TYR Goes to Burning Man and Back Again

TYR Goes to Burning Man and Back Again

In 2016 Transforming Youth Recovery created an interactive art installation as a safe place for people to reflect on inspirational ways to address addiction and recovery in a positive and loving way.

This introspective and inspirational art piece was built in the shape of an octagon with a giant lotus on top. The lotus symbolizes the seed beginning in the mud and darkness and finding the strength to rise to the light in order to fulfill its highest purpose of becoming a beautiful flower.

Each of the eight doors enter into a private space with a theme related to recovery. For example, one of the doors is named “My Natural High Is” and another door leads into a room entitled “Sober Is.” Guests were encouraged to leave personal, inspirational messages in each room of the exhibit on the writing walls inside each door.

TYR conceived this piece to raise awareness about the true nature of addiction, and to reframe the conversation about how best to support our loved ones who suffer from this devastating disease. In everything we do, we advocate for people seeking to achieve and maintain their recovery. We believe that even one person lost to addiction is too many, and that we must do better to create a safer, healthier future for our children.

In 2017 we went back to Burning Man and shared the comments from visitors from our 2016 installation in a unique sundial installation demonstrating the stages of change one goes though on the path towards freedom from addiction.