University of Oregon Collegiate Recovery Center Helps Students Struggling with Addiction Find Community

As the nation continues to grapple with what’s been coined as the “opiate epidemic,” an influx of opiate and prescription related deaths beginning in the late 1990s, college campuses around the nation are responding with a growing number of resources for students struggling with substance abuse.

One of the resources at the University of Oregon is the Collegiate Recovery Center. The center is meant to offer a sense of community and a safe place for student actively seeking a sober lifestyle.

Ezra Moss, a senior at UO majoring in international studies, currently interns under Student LIfe, planning events and seminars for the CRC, as well as collaborating with recovery groups from colleges all around the nation. Moss got sober near the end of his first year in college and has been a member of the CRC ever since.

“I hit an emotional rock bottom while studying abroad my first year in college. I was in such a beautiful place, and I still couldn’t tell anyone why I was feeling so detached,” Moss said. “That’s why the sense of community at the CRC has been so valuable.”

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